Übersetzung von “move” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /muːv/

to (cause to) change position or go from one place to another

He moved his arm
Don’t move!
Please move your car.

to change houses

We’re moving on Saturday.

to affect the feelings or emotions of

mempengaruhi perasaan
I was deeply moved by the film.
movable adjective ( moveable)

boleh dipindahkan
movement noun

(an act of) changing position or going from one point to another

The animal turned sideways with a swift movement.


In this play there is a lot of discussion, but not much movement.

the art of moving gracefully or expressively

seni gerak
She teaches movement and drama.

an organization or association

the Scout movement.

the moving parts of a watch, clock etc

bahagian yang bergerak
The movement of the watch requires some adjustment.

a section of a large-scale piece of music

the third movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.

a general tendency towards a habit, point of view etc

There’s a movement towards simple designs in clothing these days.
movie /-vi/ noun

(especially American)

a cinema film

tayangan filem
a horror movie.

(in plural with the) the cinema and films in general

I go to the movies at leat once a week.
moving adjective

having an effect on the emotions etc

a very moving speech.
movingly adverb

He spoke movingly of his late father.
get a move on

(informal) to hurry or move quickly

Get a move on, or you’ll be late!
make a move

to move at all

If you make a move, I’ll shoot you!

(with foror towards) to move (in the direction of)

He made a move for the door.
move along phrasal verb

to keep moving, not staying in one place

terus bergerak
The police told the crowd to move along.
move heaven and earth

to do everything that one possibly can

melakukan segala-galanya
He would move heaven and earth to get a ticket for the cup final.
move house

to change one’s home or place of residence

pindah rumah
They’re moving house next week.
move in phrasal verb

to go into and occupy a house etc

We can move in on Saturday.
move off phrasal verb

(of vehicles etc) to begin moving away

memulakan perjalanan
The bus moved off just as I got to the bus stop.
move out phrasal verb

to leave, cease to live in, a house etc

keluar rumah
She has to move out before the new owners arrive.
move up phrasal verb

to move in any given direction so as to make more space

Move up and let me sit down, please.
on the move

moving from place to place

With his kind of job, he’s always on the move.


The frontiers of scientific knowledge are always on the move.

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