Übersetzung von “muscle” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈmasl/

(anatomy) any of the bundles of fibres/fibers in the body which, by contracting or relaxing, cause movement of the body

He has well-developed muscles in his arms.
muscular /ˈmaskjulə/ adjective

of, or relating to, muscle(s)

berkaitan dengan otot
great muscular strength.

having well-developed muscles; strong

berotot kekar
She is tall and muscular.
musculature /ˈmaskjulətʃə/ noun

(anatomy) the system of muscles in the body or part of the body

the human musculature
the musculature of the heart.
muscle in phrasal verb (often with on)

to gain entry, or gain a share of something by force

The large firms have muscled in on all the important contracts.

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