Übersetzung von “nail” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /neil/

a piece of horn-like substance which grows over the ends of the fingers and toes to protect them

I’ve broken my nail
Don’t bite your fingernails.

a thin pointed piece of metal used to fasten pieces of wood etc together

He hammered a nail into the wall and hung a picture on it.
nailbrush noun

a small brush used for cleaning one’s nails.

berus kuku
nail file noun

a small instrument with a rough surface, used for smoothing or shaping the edges of one’s finger-nails.

pengikir kuku
nail polish noun ( nail varnish)

a substance used to colour/color and/or varnish one’s nails

pengilat kuku
pink/red nail polish.
nail scissors noun plural

scissors for trimming one’s nails

pengetip kuku
a pair of nail scissors.
hit the nail on the head

to be absolutely accurate (in one’s description of something or someone, in an estimate of something etc)

tepat sekali
She hit the nail on the head when she said that the government’s main priority should be to deal with youth unemployment.

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