Übersetzung von “night” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /nait/

the period from sunset to sunrise

waktu malam
We slept well that night
They talked all night (long)
He travelled by night and rested during the day
The days were warm and the nights were cool
(also adjective) He is doing night work.

the time of darkness

In the Arctic in winter, night lasts for twenty-four hours out of twenty-four.
nightie noun

(informal) a nightdress.

gaun tidur
nightly adjective, adverb

every night

setiap malam
a nightly news programme
He goes there nightly.
nightclub noun

a club open at night for drinking, dancing, entertainment etc.

kelab malam
nightdress noun ( nightgown)

a garment for wearing in bed.

gaun tidur
nightfall noun

(formal, literary) the beginning of night; dusk.

waktu senja
nightlife noun

entertainment that is available in the evening

hiburan malam hari
The town has a vibrant nightlife with plenty of bars and nightclubs.
nightmare noun

a frightening dream

mimpi buruk
I had a nightmare about being strangled.
nightmarish adjective

a nightmarish journey in terrible weather.
night school noun

(a place providing) educational classes held in the evenings for people who are at work during the day.

sekolah malam
night shift noun

(a period of) work during the night

sesi malam
He’s on (the) night shift this week.

the people who work during this period

pekerja waktu malam
We met the night shift leaving the factory.
nightshirt noun

a long loose shirt that is worn in bed, especially by men.

kemeja tidur
night-time noun

the time when it is night

waktu malam
Owls are usually seen at night-time.
nightwatchman noun (plural nightwatchmen)

a person who looks after a building etc during the night.

pengawal malam

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