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preposition /əv/

belonging to

(not translated)
a friend of mine.

away from (a place etc); after (a given time)

within five miles of London
within a year of his death.

written etc by

hasil karya
the plays of Shakespeare.

belonging to or forming a group

(not translated)
He is one of my friends.


(not translated)
a picture of my father.

made from; consisting of

(not translated)
a dress of silk
a collection of pictures.

used to show an amount, measurement of something

(not translated)
five bags of coal.


an account of his work.


(not translated)
a box of chocolates.

used to show a cause

She died of hunger.

used to show a loss or removal

(not translated)
She was robbed of her jewels.

used to show the connection between an action and its object

(not translated)
the smoking of a cigarette.

used to show character, qualities etc

a man of courage.

(American) (of time) a certain number of minutes before (the hour)

(not translated)
It’s ten minutes of three.

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