Übersetzung von “off” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adverb /of/

away (from a place, time etc)

(not translated)
He walked off
She cut her hair off
The holidays are only a week off
She took off her coat.

not working; not giving power etc

mati; matikan
The water’s off
Switch off the light.

not at work

He’s taking tomorrow off
He’s off today.


(not translated)
Finish off your work.

not as good as usual, or as it should be

tdk sebaik selalu
His work has gone off recently

(of food) rotten

This milk has gone off – we can’t drink it
(also adjective) That meat is certainly off.

out of a vehicle, train etc

The bus stopped and we got off.


The marriage is off.
off-chance noun

a slight chance

dgn harapan yg tipis
We waited, on the off-chance (that) he might come.
off-colour adjective ( off-color)

not very well

tdk berapa sihat
She’s a bit off-colour this morning.
offhand adjective

acting or speaking so casually that one is being rude

bersikap bersahaja
offhand behaviour.
offhandedly adverb

dgn bersahaja
I felt that she behaved somewhat off-handedly.
offhandedness noun

sikap bersahaja
off-licence noun

(British ) a shop/store that sells alcohol in bottles and cans for customers to take away; liquor store (American)

tempat menjual arak
offline adjective, adverb

using a computer, but not connected to the Internet

luar talian
I read the email offline.

(of computer equipment) not connected directly to a computer

luar talian
The printer is currently offline.
offshore adjective

in or on the sea, not far from the coast

luar pesisir
offshore oil wells.

(of winds) blowing away from the coast, out to sea

angin darat
Strong offshore winds are forecast for this afternoon.
offside adverb

(in football/soccer, hockey etc) in a position (not allowed by the rules) between the ball and the opponents’ goal

The referee disallowed the goal because one of the players had moved offside
(also adjective) He was in an offside position.
offspring noun (plural offspring)

(formal, humorous) someone’s child or children

parents who allow their badly behaved offspring to run around shouting and screaming.

an animal’s baby or babies

An adult giraffe must protect its offspring against various predators.
off-white adjective

not quite white, eg slightly yellow etc

putih sejuk
an off-white dress.
badly adjective ( well off)

poor, rich

kaya/ miskin
The family was quite well off.
be off with you!

go away!

in the offing

about to happen

akan mendapat
He has a new job in the offing.
off and on / on and off

sometimes; occasionally

I see him off and on at the club.
the off season noun

the period, at a hotel, holiday resort etc, when there are few visitors

luar musim‘
It’s very quiet here in the off season
(adjective (etc)) off-season rates.

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