Übersetzung von “on” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


preposition /on/

touching, fixed to, covering etc the upper or outer side of

di atas
The book was lying on the table
He was standing on the floor
She wore a hat on her head.

in or into (a vehicle, train etc)

We were sitting on the bus
I got on the wrong bus.

at or during a certain day, time etc

on Monday
On his arrival, he went straight to bed.


a book on the theatre.

in the state or process of

He’s on holiday.

supported by

di atas
She was standing on one leg.

receiving, taking

sedang mengambil; sedang menjalankan
He is on drugs
She is on a diet.

taking part in

He is on the committee
Which detective is working on this case?


ke arah
They marched on the town.

near or beside

a shop on the main road.

by means of

He played a tune on the violin
I spoke to him on the telephone.

being carried by

The thief had the stolen jewels on him.

when (something is, or has been, done)

On investigation, there proved to be no need to panic.

followed by

oncoming adjective


datang dr arah hadapan
oncoming traffic.
ongoing adjective


sedang berlangsung
an ongoing argument.
onward adverb ( onwards)

moving forward (in place or time)

ke arah hadapan
They marched onward(s).
be on to (someone)

to have discovered (a person’s) trick, secret etc

mengetahui helah sso
The thieves realized that the police were on to them.
on and on

used with certain verbs to emphasize the length of an activity

terus menerus
She kept on and on asking questions.
on time

at the right time

tepat pd masanya
He got here on time.
on to / onto

to a position on

ke atas
He lifted it onto the table.

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