Übersetzung von “open” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈəupən/

not shut, allowing entry or exit

an open box
The gate is wide open.

allowing the inside to be seen

an open book.

ready for business etc

The shop is open on Sunday afternoons
After the fog had cleared, the airport was soon open again
The gardens are open to the public.

not kept secret

an open show of affection.


He was very open with me about his work.

still being considered etc

Let’s leave the matter open for the time being.

empty, with no trees, buildings etc

I like to be out in the open country
an open space.
opener noun

something that opens (something)

a tin opener.
opening noun

a hole; a clear or open space

an opening in the fence/forest.

a beginning

the opening of the film
(also adjective) the chairman’s opening remarks.

the act of becoming or making open, the ceremony of making open

the opening of a flower/shop/door
the opening of the new theatre.

an opportunity for work

peluang pekerjaan
There are good openings in the IT industry.
openly adverb


She talked very openly about it.
openness noun

the quality of being honest and not hiding anything

His openness about his problems is admirable.

the willingness to accept new ideas or changes

She demonstrated an openness to change.

the fact that an area is not enclosed or surrounded

the openness of the desert landscape.
open-air adjective


di luar
an open-air meeting.
open day noun

(British ) a day when a school or other organization allows people to visit it and see the work that goes on there; open house (American)

hari terbuka
open-minded adjective

willing to consider new ideas

berfikiran terbuka
an open-minded approach to the problem.
open-plan adjective

(of a building) built with few walls inside

bersistem terbuka
an open-plan office.
be an open secret

to be known to many people although supposed to be a secret

bukan rahsia lagi
It’s an open secret that she’s getting married next week.
bring (something) out into the open

to make (something) public

This affair has been kept a secret for too long – it’s time it was brought out into the open.
in the open

outside; in the open air

di luar
It’s very healthy for children to be able to play in the open.
in the open air

not in a building

di luar
If it doesn’t rain, we’ll have the party in the open air.
keep/have an open mind

to have a willingness to listen to or accept new ideas, other people’s suggestions etc (eg before making a decision)

berfikiran terbuka
It doesn’t seem to be a very good plan, but I think we should keep an open mind about it for the time being.
open on to phrasal verb

(of a door etc) to open towards

Our front door opens straight on to the street.
the open sea noun

any area of sea far from land

di tengah lautan
When they reached the open sea, they were faced with large waves.
open to

likely or willing to receive

He left himself open to charges of corruption
We are always open to suggestions from any member of staff.


boleh jadi
There are only two courses of action open to us.
open up phrasal verb

to open (a shop etc)

I open up the shop at nine o’clock every morning.

to open (a box etc) completely

He opened up the parcel.

to open the (main) door of a building etc

buka pintu
’Open up!’ shouted the policeman. ’We know you are in there!’
with open arms

in a very friendly way

dgn mesra
They received their visitors with open arms.

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