Übersetzung von “operate” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /ˈopəreit/

to act or work

The sewing-machine isn’t operating properly.

to do or perform a surgical operation

menjalankan pembedahan
The surgeon operated on her for appendicitis.
operation noun

an action or process, especially when planned

a rescue operation.

the process of working

sedang berjalan
Our plan is now in operation.

the act of surgically cutting a part of the body in order to cure disease

an operation for appendicitis.

(often in plural ) the movement, fighting etc of armies

The general was in command of operations in the north.
operational adjective

in good working order

berjalan dgn baik
The lift is now operational.
operative /-rətiv, (American) -reitiv/ adjective

in action, having effect

berkuat kuasa
Many old laws are still operative.
operator noun

a person who works a machine

a crane operator.

a person who connects telephone calls

Ask the operator to connect you to that number.
operating room noun

the room in a hospital in which operations are performed.

bilik bedah
operating system noun

(computing) the software that controls a computer’s basic functions, for example sending instructions to peripheral devices, scheduling tasks, and allocating system resources such as memory

sistem pengendalian
Once the operating system has started up, it manages all of the software.

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