Übersetzung von “peace” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /piːs/

(sometimes with a) (a time of) freedom from war; (a treaty or agreement which brings about) the end or stopping of a war

Does our country want peace or war?
(also adjective) a peace treaty.

freedom from disturbance; quietness

I need some peace and quiet.
peaceable adjective

liking peace; not fighting, quarrelling/quarreling etc

mencintai kedamaian
He’s a very peaceable person.
peaceably adverb

secara aman
peaceful adjective

quiet; calm; without worry or disturbance

It’s very peaceful in the country.
peacefully adverb

dgn aman
I’m sure that the dispute can be settled peacefully.
peacefulness noun

peacemaker noun

a person who tries to make peace between enemies, people who are quarrelling/quarreling etc

When my brother and sister quarrel, I act as peacemaker.
peace-offering noun

something offered or given to make peace

pemberian tanda ingin berbaik-baik semula
She took him a drink as a peace-offering.
peacetime noun

a time when there is no war

masa aman
Even in peacetime, a soldier’s life is hard.
at peace

not at war; not fighting

The two countries were at peace.
in peace

without disturbance

dgn aman
Why can’t you leave me in peace?

not wanting to fight

utk berdamai
They said they came in peace.
make peace

to agree to end a war

setuju utk berdamai
The two countries finally made peace (with each other).
peace of mind noun

freedom from worry etc

fikiran yg tenteram
She took out the insurance policy for her own peace of mind.

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