Übersetzung von “permit” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /pəˈmit/ (past tense, past participle permitted)

to agree to (another person’s action); to allow or let (someone do something)

Permit me to answer your question
Smoking is not permitted.

to make possible

My aunt’s legacy permitted me to go to America.
permissible /pəˈmisəbəl/ adjective

allowed by a rule or law

It is now permissible for a judge to sit alone to deal with unfair dismissal cases at employment tribunals.
permission /pəˈmiʃən/ noun

a written, spoken etc agreement that someone may do something

She gave me permission to leave.
permissive /pəˈmisiv/ adjective

allowing a great or excessive amount of freedom of behaviour/behavior, especially in sexual matters

the permissive society of the Sixties.
permissiveness /pəˈmisivnis/ noun

sifat permisif
the increasing permissiveness of modern society.

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