Übersetzung von “pipe” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /paip/

a tube, usually made of metal, earthenware etc , through which water, gas etc can flow

a water pipe

a small tube with a bowl at one end, in which tobacco is smoked

He smokes a pipe
(also adjective) pipe tobacco.

(music ) a musical instrument consisting of a hollow wooden, metal etc tube through which the player blows or causes air to be blown in order to make a sound

seruling; pipa
He played a tune on a bamboo pipe
an organ pipe.
piper noun

a person who plays a pipe or pipes, especially the bagpipes.

peniup seruling
pipes noun plural

(music) bagpipes or some similar instrument

He plays the pipes.
piping noun

(music) the act of playing a musical pipe or pipes.


(the act or process of conveying water, gas etc by means of) a length of pipe or number of pipes

sistem perpaipan
lead piping
Piping the oil ashore will not be easy.
pipe dream noun

an idea which can only be imagined, and which would be impossible to carry out

For most people a journey round the world is only a pipe dream.
pipeline noun

a long line of pipes used for conveying oil, gas, water etc

talian paip
an oil pipeline across the desert.
piping hot adjective

very hot

panas menggelegak

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