Übersetzung von “plain” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /plein/

simple or ordinary; without ornament or decoration

plain living
good, plain food.

easy to understand; clear

His words were quite plain.

absolutely open or honest, with no attempt to be tactful

I’ll be quite plain with you
plain speaking.


nampak sangat
It’s plain (to see) you haven’t been practising your music.

not pretty

a rather plain girl.
plainly adverb

dgn jelas
She was plainly disappointed not to have been chosen for the team.
plainness noun

plain chocolate noun

dark chocolate not containing milk

coklat pahit
a bar of plain of plain chocolate.
plain clothes noun plural

ordinary clothes, not a uniform

pakaian preman
Detectives usually wear plain clothes
(also adjective) a plain-clothes policeman.
plain sailing noun

progress without difficulty

berjalan lancar
Life is not always plain sailing.
plain-spoken adjective

speaking honestly and candidly, not trying to be tactful

She is a very plain-spoken person who always says what she means.
in plain English

in simple words; clearly expressed

dgn bahasa yg mudah
Would you mind explaining it in plain English?

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