Übersetzung von “post” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /pəust/

(the system of collecting, transporting and delivering) letters, parcels etc

I sent the book by post
Has the post arrived yet?
Is there any post for me?
postage /-tidʒ/ noun

(the money paid for) the sending of a letter etc by post

bayaran pos
The postage was $1.20.
postal adjective

of, or concerning, the system of sending letters etc

the postal service.
postage stamp noun

a small printed label fixed to a letter, parcel etc to show that postage has been paid.

setem pos
postal order noun

(British ) a printed document bought at a post office, which can be exchanged at another post office for the amount of money paid for it; money order(American)

wang pos
postbox /ˈpəusboks/ noun

(also letterbox, mailbox, pillar box) a box into which letters etc are put to be collected (and sent to their destination).

peti surat
postcard /ˈpəuskaːd/ noun

a card on which a message may be sent by post, often with a picture on one side (a picture postcard)

She sent me a postcard of the Taj Mahal when she was in India.
postcode /ˈpəuskoud/ noun

(British ) a set of letters and numbers added to the address on a letter to make delivery easier; zip code(American)

post-free adjective, adverb

without charge for sending by post

You can send it post-free.
post(-)haste adverb

very quickly

dgn pantas
He travelled post(-)haste to London.
postman /ˈpəusmən/ noun (plural postmen)

(British ) a person whose job is to (collect and) deliver letters etc ; mailman (American)

Has the postman been this morning yet?
postmark /ˈpəusmaːk/ noun

a mark put on a letter at a post office, showing the date and place of posting, and cancelling the postage stamp

cap pos
The postmark read ’Beirut’.
postmaster /ˈpəusmaːstə/ noun (feminine postmistress /ˈpəusmistris/)

the manager of a post office.

Ketua Pos
post office noun

an office for receiving and dispatching letters, parcels etc

pejabat pos
Where is the nearest post office?

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