Übersetzung von “practice” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈprӕktis/

the actual doing of something, as opposed to the theory or idea

In theory the plan should work, but in practice there are a lot of difficulties.

the usual way(s) of doing things; (a) habit or custom

It was his usual practice to rise at 6.00 a.m.

the repeated performance or exercise of something in order to learn to do it well

She has musical talent, but she needs a lot of practice
Have a quick practice before you start.

a doctor’s or lawyer’s business

firma guaman; klinik
He has a practice in Southampton.
be in / out of practice

(not) having had a lot of practice recently

lama tdk
I haven’t played the piano for months – I’m very out of practice.
make a practice of

to do (something) habitually

menjadikan sst satu kebiasaan
He makes a practice of arriving late at parties.
put into practice

to do, as opposed to planning etc

He never gets the chance to put his ideas into practice.
practice is a noun: practice (not practise) makes perfect.

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