Übersetzung von “present” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈpreznt/

being here, or at the place, occasion etc mentioned

My father was present on that occasion
Who else was present at the wedding?
Now that the whole class is present, we can begin the lesson.

existing now

the present moment
the present prime minister.

(of the tense of a verb) indicating action now

In the sentence ’She wants a chocolate’, the verb is in the present tense.
presently adverb


sekejap lagi
He will be here presently.

(especially American) at the present time

sekarang ni
The manager is presently on holiday.
the present noun

the time now

masa sekarang
Forget the past – think more of the present and the future!
at present

at the present time

He’s away from home at present.
for the present

as far as the present time is concerned

buat masa ini
You’ve done enough work for the present.
present participle noun

(linguistics) the form of the verb that in English ends in ‘-ing’ and can be used with the verb ‘to be’ to form continuous tenses as in ‘She is singing’ or sometimes as an adjective as in ‘the barking dog’.

patisipel kini
present perfect noun

(linguistics) (in English) a verb tense that expresses an action done in a period of time up to the present. It is formed using the present tense of ‘have’ and the past participle of a verb.

kala kini sempurna

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