Die Übersetzung von "pressure" - Englisch-Wörterbuch Malaysian


noun /ˈpreʃə/

(the amount of force exerted by) the action of pressing

Apply pressure to the cut in order to stop it bleeding
A barometer measures atmospheric pressure.

(a) strain or stress

The pressures of her work are sometimes too much for her.

strong persuasion; compulsion or force

He agreed under pressure.
pressurize verb ( (also pressuriseBritish))

to fit (an aeroplane etc) with a device that keeps air pressure normal

mengimbangkan tekanan udara
The cabins have all been pressurized

to force

He was pressurized into agreeing to the deal.
pressure cooker noun

a type of saucepan in which food is cooked quickly by steam kept under great pressure.

periuk tekanan

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