Die Übersetzung von "price" - Englisch-Wörterbuch Malaysian


noun /prais/

the amount of money for which a thing is or can be bought or sold; the cost

The price of the book was $10.

what one must give up or suffer in order to gain something

Loss of freedom is often the price of success.
priceless adjective

too valuable to have a price

tdk ternilai harganya
priceless jewels.

very funny

sangat lucu
a priceless story.
pricey adjective (comparative pricier, superlative priciest)


pricey furniture.
at a price

at a high price

dgn bayaran yg tinggi
We can get dinner at this hotel – at a price.
beyond/without price

very precious

tdk ternilai
Good health is beyond price.

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