Übersetzung von “pride” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /praid/

a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction at one’s achievements, possessions, family etc

She looked with pride at her handsome sons.

personal dignity

harga diri
His pride was hurt by her criticism.

a group (of lions or of peacocks)

a pride of lions.
be the pride and joy of

to be the object of the pride of

kebanggaan dan kesayangan sso
He was his parents’ pride and joy.
the pride of

the finest thing in (a certain group etc)

yg paling istimewa
The pride of our collection is this painting
pride of place noun

the most important place

tempat istimewa
They gave pride of place at the exhibition to a Chinese vase.
pride oneself on phrasal verb

to take pride in, or feel satisfaction with (something one has done, achieved etc)

He prides himself on his driving skill.
take pride in

to feel pride about

merasa bangga
You should take more pride in (=care more for) your appearance.

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