Die Übersetzung von "proper" - Englisch-Wörterbuch Malaysian


adjective /ˈpropə/

right, correct, or suitable

That isn’t the proper way to clean the windows
You should have done your schoolwork at the proper time – it’s too late to start now.

complete or thorough

Have you made a proper search?

respectable or well-mannered

Such behaviour isn’t quite proper.
properly adverb

correctly or rightly

dgn betul
She can’t pronounce his name properly.

completely or thoroughly

dgn teliti
I didn’t have time to read the book properly.
proper noun noun ( proper name)

(linguistics) a noun or name which names a particular person, thing or place (beginning with a capital letter)

kata nama khas
’John’ and ’New York’ are proper nouns.

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