Übersetzung von “puff” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /paf/

a small blast of air, wind etc; a gust

A puff of wind moved the branches.

any of various kinds of soft, round, light or hollow objects

a powder puff
(also adjective) puff sleeves.
puffed adjective

short of breath; breathing quickly

I’m puffed after running so fast!
puffy adjective (comparative puffier, superlative puffiest)

swollen, especially unhealthily

a puffy face/ankle.
puff pastry noun

a light, flaky type of pastry.

pastri lapis
puff out phrasal verb

to cause to swell or expand

meremangkan; mengembungkan
The bird puffed out its feathers
He puffed out his cheeks.
puff up phrasal verb

to swell

Her eye (was all) puffed up after the wasp stung her.

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