Übersetzung von “reason” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈriːzn/

something which makes something happen, describes why it happened, should happen or is going to happen etc

What is the reason for this noise?
What is your reason for going to London?
The reason (why) I am going is that I want to.

the power of the mind to think, form opinions and judgements etc

Only man has reason – animals do not.
reasonable adjective


a reasonable suggestion.

willing to listen to argument; acting with good sense

You will find him very reasonable.

fair; correct; which one should or could accept

Is $10 a reasonable price for this book?

satisfactory; as much as one might expect or want

boleh diterima
There was a reasonable number of people at the meeting.
reasonableness noun

reasonably adverb

secara munasabah
He behaved very reasonably
The car is reasonably priced
The meeting was reasonably well attended.
reasoning noun

the act or process of reaching a decision, conclusion etc

cara berfikir
I don’t understand his reasoning at all.
have reason to (believe/think etc)

to feel justified in (believing etc)

I have (good) reason to think that he is lying.
it stands to reason

it is obvious or logical

secara logiknya
If you go to bed so late, it stands to reason that you will be tired the next morning.
listen to reason

to allow oneself to be persuaded to do something more sensible than what one was going to do; to pay attention to common sense

mendengar logiknya
She just won’t listen to reason.
lose one’s reason

to become insane

hilang kewarasan
He lost his reason and was put in an asylum.
reason with phrasal verb

to argue with (a person) in order to persuade him to be more sensible

We tried to reason with the worried mother but she went out alone in the storm to look for the child.
see reason

to (be persuaded to) be more sensible than one is or has been

I just can’t make her see reason.
within reason

within the limits of good sense

selagi munasabah
I’ll do anything / go anywhere within reason.

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