Übersetzung von “red” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun, adjective /red/

(of) the colour/color of blood

warna darah
a red car/dress / cheeks
red cheeks
a red car/dress / cheeks
Her eyes were red with crying.

(of hair or fur) (of) a colour/color which varies between a golden brown and a deep reddish-brown.

warna rambut

(a) communist

A lot of his university friends are Reds.
redden verb

to make or become red or redder

She reddened her lips with lipstick.

to blush

muka merah padam
She reddened as she realized her mistake.
reddish adjective

slightly red

reddish hair.
redness noun

the redness of her cheeks.
the Red Army noun

the army of the former USSR.

askar USSR
red blood cell noun

(biology ) one of the red-coloured/-colored cells in the blood that carries oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the tissues; erythrocyte, red cell

sel darah merah
Diseases of the red blood cells include many types of anemia.
red carpet noun

a strip of carpet that is put on the ground for important visitors to walk on when they arrive

permaidani merah
The red carpet was out for the film stars at the awards ceremony.
redcurrant noun

a type of garden bush grown for its small red fruit.

buah kismis merah
redhead noun

a person with red hair.

berambut merah
red herring noun

something that leads people away from the main point in a discussion.

lari dari tajuk

a false clue or line of enquiry.

kenyataan yang salah
red-hot adjective

(of metal etc) so hot that it is glowing red

merah menyala
red-hot steel
This iron is red-hot.
Red Indian noun

an old-fashioned and offensive word for a North American Indian.

kaum Red Indian
red-letter day noun

a day which will always be remembered because of something especially good that happened on it.

hari peringatan
red-light district noun

an area of a town or city where there are a lot of prostitutes.

daerah pelacuran
red meat noun

meat such as beef or lamb that is red when it is raw and which becomes dark when it is cooked.

daging merah
redneck noun

(American, informal, disapproving) an insulting word for a poor uneducated white person who lives in a country area of the US and has extreme conservative political opinions.

red tape noun

annoying and unnecessary rules and regulations

peraturan yang menyusahkan
be in the red

to be in debt

When his business failed, he found himself in the red.
catch red-handed

to find (a person) in the act of doing wrong

ditangkap sewaktu melakukan kesalahan
The police caught the thief red-handed.
see red

to become angry

menjadi marah
When he started criticizing my work, I really saw red.

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