Übersetzung von “reflect” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /rəˈflekt/

to send back (light, heat etc)

The white sand reflected the sun’s heat.

(of a mirror etc) to give an image of

wajah mengimbas di cermin
She was reflected in the mirror/water.

to think carefully

berfikir dengan berhati-hati
Give him a minute to reflect (on what he should do).
reflecting adjective

able to reflect (light etc)

a reflecting surface.
reflection /rəˈflekʃən/ noun ( (also reflexionBritish, old-fashioned))

imbasan wajah/diri
She looked at her reflection in the water
After reflection I felt I had made the wrong decision
The book is called ’Reflections of a Politician’.
reflective /-tiv/ adjective


bertimbang rasa
She was in a reflective mood.


yang memantul
reflective number-plates.
reflectively adverb

secara pantulan
reflector noun

something, especially of glass or metal, that reflects light, heat etc

Having reflectors makes cyclists much more visible to car drivers in the dark.

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