Übersetzung von “regard” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /rəˈɡaːd/

(with as) to consider to be

mengambil kira
I regard his conduct as totally unacceptable.

to think of as being very good, important etc; to respect

He is very highly regarded by his friends.

to think of (with a particular emotion or feeling)

mengingati dengan perasaan tertentu
I regard him with horror
He regards his wife’s behaviour/behavior with amusement.

to look at

memandang, menumpu
He regarded me over the top of his glasses.

to pay attention to (advice etc).

regarding preposition

about; concerning

tentang, berkenaan
Have you any suggestions regarding this project?
regardless adjective, adverb

not thinking or caring about costs, problems, dangers etc

tanpa menghiraukan
There may be difficulties, but I shall carry on regardless.
regards noun plural

greetings; good wishes

kiriman salam
Give my regards to your mother
He sent her his regards.
as regards

as far as (something) is concerned

As regards the meeting tomorrow, I hope as many people will attend as possible.
with regard to

about; concerning

I have no complaints with regard to his work.
with regards is sometimes used in ending a letter. with regard to means ’about’.

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