Übersetzung von “regret” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /rəˈɡret/ (past tense, past participle regretted)

to be sorry about

kesal, sesal
I regret my foolish behaviour/behavior
I regret that I missed the concert
I regret missing the concert
I regret to inform you that your application for the job was unsuccessful.
regretful adjective

feeling regret

penuh kekesalan, penuh penyesalan
She was speaking in a regretful tone.
regretfully adverb

with regret

dengan kesalnya
Regretfully, we have had to turn down your offer.
regrettable adjective

dikesali, disesali
a regrettable mistake.
regrettably adverb

sangat dikesali, sangat disesali
Regrettably, his grades are not good enough to pass the course.
regrettable is spelt with two ts.

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