Übersetzung von “regular” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


adjective /ˈreɡjulə/


Saturday is his regular day for shopping
That isn’t our regular postman, is it?

(American) normal

He has too many behavioral problems to attend a regular school.

occurring, acting etc with equal amounts of space, time etc between

They placed guards at regular intervals round the camp
Is his pulse regular?

involving doing the same things at the same time each day etc

tabiat tetap
a man of regular habits.


pelanggan tetap
He’s a regular visitor
He’s one of our regular customers.

permanent; lasting

kerja tetap
He’s looking for a regular job.

(linguistics ) (of a noun, verb etc) following one of the usual grammatical patterns of the language

sejenis kata nama, kata kerja
’Walk’ is a regular verb, but ’go’ is an irregular verb.

the same on both or all sides or parts; neat; symmetrical

a girl with regular features
A square is a regular figure.

of ordinary size

saiz biasa
I don’t want the large size of packet – just give me the regular one.

(of a soldier) employed full-time, professional; (of an army) composed of regular soldiers.

bekerja sepenuh masa
regularity /-ˈla-/ noun

He gets drunk with monotonous regularity.
regularly adverb

at regular times, places etc

dalam kadar yang tetap
His heart was beating regularly.


He comes here regularly.
regulate /-leit/ verb

to control

We must regulate our spending
Traffic lights are used to regulate traffic.

to adjust (a piece of machinery etc ) so that it works at a certain rate etc

Can you regulate this watch so that it keeps time accurately?
regulation noun

a rule or instruction

There are certain regulations laid down as to how this job should be done, and these must be obeyed
(also adjective) Please use envelopes of the regulation size.

the act of regulating

the regulation of a piece of machinery.
regulator /-lei-/ noun

a thing that regulates (a piece of machinery etc).


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