Übersetzung von “repair” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /riˈpeə/

to mend; to make (something) that is damaged or has broken down work again; to restore to good condition

She’s repairing a broken lock / torn jacket.

to put right or make up for

Nothing can repair the harm done by your foolish remarks.
repairable adjective

(opposite unrepairable) able to be mended

boleh diperbaiki
The damage to the car is easily repairable.
reparable /ˈrepərəbl/ adjective

able to be put right.

boleh memperbaiki
reparation /repə-/ noun

the act of making up for something wrong that has been done.


money paid for this purpose.

bayaran pembaikan
repairman /-mӕn/ noun (plural repairmen)

a man who repairs televisions etc.


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