Übersetzung von “resident” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈrezidənt/

a person who lives or has his home in a particular place

a resident of Edinburgh.
reside /rəˈzaid/ verb

to live or have one’s home in a place

He now resides abroad.
residence noun

a person’s home, especially the grand house of someone important.


the act of living in a place, or the time of this

during his residence in Spain.
residency noun (plural residencies)

the home of the governor etc in a colony etc.

rumah gabenor
residential /-ˈdenʃəl/ adjective

(of an area of a town etc ) containing houses rather than offices, shops etc

taman perumahan
This district is mainly residential
a residential neighbourhood/area.

requiring a person to live in the place where he works

menetap di kawasan kerja
a residential post.

of, concerned with, living in a place.

residence hall noun

(American ) a building with rooms for university students to live in; hall of residence(British)

bangunan penempatan
in residence

(especially of someone important) staying in a place, sometimes to perform some official duties

tinggal di kediaman rasmi untuk upacara rasmi
The Queen is in residence here this week.
take up residence

to go and live (in a place, building etc)

pergi untuk tinggal
He has taken up residence in France.

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