Übersetzung von “resist” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /rəˈzist/

to fight against, usually successfully

The soldiers resisted the enemy attack
He tried to resist arrest
It’s hard to resist temptation.

to be able to stop oneself doing, taking etc (something)

tidak dapat menahan perbuatan
I couldn’t resist kicking him when he bent down
I just can’t resist strawberries.

to be unaffected or undamaged by

tidak menerima kesan
a metal that resists rust/acids.
resistance noun

the act of resisting

The army offered strong resistance to the enemy
(also adjective) a resistance force.

the ability or power to be unaffected or undamaged by something

resistance to disease.

(physics ) the force that one object, substance etc exerts against the movement of another object etc.

resistant adjective

mempunyai daya tahan
This breed of cattle is resistant to disease
heat-resistant table-mats.
resistor noun

(physics) a device used to provide resistance in an electrical circuit

The resistor controls the current flow through the LED.

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