Übersetzung von “respond” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /rəˈspond/

(with to)

to answer with words, a reaction, gesture etc

He didn’t respond to my question
I smiled at her, but she didn’t respond.

to show a good reaction eg to some course of treatment

His illness did not respond to treatment by drugs.

(of vehicles etc) to be guided easily by controls

The pilot said the plane did not respond to the controls.
response /-s/ noun

a reply or reaction

Our letters have never met with any response
My suggestions met with little response.

(usually in plural) in church services, a part spoken by the congregation rather than the priest.

ucapan dari jemaah
responsibility /-sə-/ noun (plural responsibilities)

something which a person has to look after, do etc

He takes his responsibilities very seriously.

the state of having important duties

a position of responsibility.

the state of being responsible

his responsibility for the accident.
responsible /-səbl/ adjective

having a duty to see that something is done etc

We’ll make one person responsible for buying the food for the trip.

(of a job etc ) having many duties eg the making of important decisions

tanggungjawab yang besar
The job of manager is a very responsible post.

(with for) being the cause of something

Who is responsible for the stain on the carpet?

(of a person) able to be trusted; sensible

penuh rasa tanggungjawab
We need a responsible person for this job.

(with for) able to control, and fully aware of (one’s actions)

boleh mengawal
The lawyer said that at the time of the murder, his client was not responsible for his actions.
responsibly /-sə-/ adverb

in a trustworthy or serious way

secara bertanggungjawab
Do try to behave responsibly.
responsive /-siv/ adjective

(opposite unresponsive)

mempunyai tindak balas
a responsive, kindly girl
a responsive smile
The disease is responsive to treatment.
responsively adverb

secara tindak balas
responsiveness noun

tindak balas
response partners noun plural

(in teaching methodology) an arrangement in which a pair of learners provides critical responses to each other’s work in order to help each other’s learning.

pasangan respons

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