Übersetzung von “rest” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /rest/

a (usually short) period of not working etc after, or between periods of, effort; (a period of) freedom from worries etc

Digging the garden is hard work – let’s stop for a rest
Let’s have/take a rest
I need a rest from all these problems – I’m going to take a week’s holiday.


He needs a good night’s rest.

something which holds or supports

a book-rest
a headrest on a car seat.

a state of not moving

tidak beroperasi
The machine is at rest.
restful adjective

bringing rest

a restful holiday.

(of colours, music etc) causing a person to feel calm and relaxed

Some people find blue a restful colour
After a hard day’s work, I like to listen to some restful music.


at rest: The patient seems more restful now.
restfully adverb

dengan tenang
restfulness noun

restless adjective

always moving; showing signs of worry, boredom, impatience etc

a restless child
He’s been doing the same job for years now and he’s beginning to get restless.

during which a person does not sleep

tanpa tidur
a restless night.
restlessly adverb

dengan tidak berhenti
restlessness noun

tanpa rehat
rest home noun

a place where old people live and are cared for; nursing home, old people’s home.

rumah orang-orang tua
rest room noun

(American ) a toilet in a theatre/theater, factory etc.

bilik rehat
at rest

free from pain, worry etc.

tanpa sakit
come to rest

to stop moving

tidak bergerak
The ball came to rest under a tree.
lay to rest

to bury (someone) in a grave

She was laid to rest in the vault of St George’s Chapel.
let the matter rest

to stop discussing etc a matter.

berhenti berbincang
rest assured

to be certain

You may rest assured that we will take your views into consideration.
set someone’s mind at rest

to take away a person’s worries about something

We set her mind at rest by promising to call her as soon as we arrived.

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