Übersetzung von “reverse” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /rəˈvəːs/

to move backwards or in the opposite direction to normal

undur, berpatah
He reversed (the car) into the garage
He reversed the film through the projector.

to put into the opposite position, state, order etc

This jacket can be reversed (= worn inside out).

to change (a decision, policy etc) to the exact opposite

menukar pendapat/keputusan
The man was found guilty, but the judges in the appeal court reversed the decision.
reversal noun

a reversal of his previous decision.
reversed adjective

in the opposite state, position, order etc

Once he worked for me. Now our positions are reversed and I work for him.
reversible adjective

able to be reversed

kebolehan berundur
a reversible process.

(of clothes) able to be worn with either side out

kebolehan digunakan secara terbalik
Is that raincoat reversible?
reverse the charges

(British ) to make a telephone call (a reverse-charge call) which is paid for by the person who receives it instead of by the caller; call collect(American)

caj balik panggilan

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