Übersetzung von “rib” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /rib/

(anatomy) any one of the bones which curve round and forward from the backbone, enclosing the heart and lungs

tulang rusuk
She suffered a broken rib in the accident.

one of the curved pieces of wood which are joined to the keel to form the framework of a boat.

rusuk sampan

a vertical raised strip in eg knitted material, or the pattern formed by a row of these.

corak rusuk

any of a number of things similar in shape, use etc to a rib, eg one of the supports for the fabric of an aeroplane wing or of an umbrella.

bentuk untuk menahan struktur (kepak, payung)
ribbed adjective

having ribs

berbentuk rusuk
a ribbed pattern.
ribbing noun

a pattern or arrangement of ribs.

corak rusuk
rib cage noun

(anatomy) the frame of curved bones (= ribs) that surrounds the chest and protects it.

sangkar rusuk

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