Übersetzung von “rise” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /raiz/ (past tense rose /rouz/, past participle risen /ˈrizn/)

to become greater, larger, higher etc; to increase

menjadi besar
Food prices are still rising
If the river rises much more, there will be a flood
Her voice rose to a scream
Bread rises when it is baked
His spirits rose at the good news.

to move upwards

bergerak ke atas
Smoke was rising from the chimney
The birds rose into the air

to get up from bed

bangun pagi
He rises every morning at six o’clock.

to stand up

The children all rose when the headmaster came in.

(of the sun etc) to appear above the horizon

matahari bersinar
The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

to slope upwards

menjajar ke atas
Hills rose in the distance
The ground rises at this point.

to rebel

bangkit melawan
The people rose (up) in revolt against the dictator.

to move to a higher rank, a more important position etc

naik pangkat
He rose to the rank of colonel.

(of a river) to begin or appear

The Rhône rises in the Alps.

(of wind) to begin; to become stronger

angin mula bertiup
Don’t go out in the boat – the wind has risen.

to be built

Office blocks are rising all over the town.

to come back to life

hidup kembali
Jesus has risen.
rising noun

the act or rising

the rising of the sun.

a rebellion

The king executed those who took part in the rising.
early/late riser noun

a person who gets out of bed early or late in the day

bangun awal atau lambat
He’s an early riser.
give rise to

to cause

This latest development has given rise to various problems.
rise to the occasion

to be able to do what is required in an emergency etc

bangkit dalam kecemasan
He had never had to make a speech before, but he rose to the occasion magnificently.

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