Übersetzung von “road” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /rəud/

a strip of ground usually with a hard level surface for people, vehicles etc to travel on

This road takes you past the school
(also adjective) road safety.

(often abbreviated to Rdwhen written) used in the names of roads or streets

nama jalan
His address is 24 School Road.

a route; the correct road(s) to follow in order to arrive somewhere

We’d better look at the map because I’m not sure of the road.

a way that leads to something

laluan ke arah
the road to peace
He’s on the road to ruin.
roadblock noun

a barrier put across a road (eg by the police) in order to stop or slow down traffic

sekatan jalan raya
The police have set up a roadblock.
road map noun

a map showing the roads of (part of) a country

peta jalan
a road map of Great Britain.
road rage noun

a situation in which the driver of one car behaves violently towards another driver

keganasan jalan raya
(also adjective) a road rage incident.
roadside noun

the ground beside a road

bahagian tepi jalan
flowers growing by the roadside
(also adjective) a roadside café.
roadway noun

the part of a road on which cars etc travel

kawasan tengah jalan
Don’t walk on the roadway.
roadworks noun plural

the building or repairing of a road

pembetulan jalan
The traffic was held up by the roadworks.
roadworthy adjective

good enough or safe to be used on the road

sesuai di jalan raya
Is this car roadworthy?
roadworthiness noun

kesesuaian di jalan raya
Every car has to be annually checked for tts roadworthiness.
by road

in a lorry, car etc

melalui jalan raya
We’ll send the furniture by road rather than by rail
We came by road.

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