Übersetzung von “rock” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /rok/

(a large lump or mass of) the solid parts of the surface of the Earth

permukaan keras
The ship struck a rock and sank
the rocks on the seashore
He built his house on solid rock.

a large stone

The climber was killed by a falling rock.

a type of hard sweet made in sticks

sejenis gula
a stick of Edinburgh rock.
rockery noun (plural rockeries)

a heap of rocks in a garden with earth between them in which small plants are grown

mempunyai batu
This plant is ideal for rockeries in moist shady locations.
rocky adjective (comparative rockier, superlative rockiest)

a rocky coastline.
rockiness noun

keadaan yang berbatu
rock-bottom noun, adjective

(at) the lowest level possible

paras terendah
Prices have reached rock-bottom
rock-bottom prices.
rock garden noun

a rockery.

taman batu
rock plant noun

any plant which grows among rocks eg on mountains, often also grown in rockeries.

tanaman celah batu
on the rocks

in a state of ruin or of great financial difficulty

masalah kewangan
Their marriage is on the rocks
The firm is on the rocks.

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