Übersetzung von “romance” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /rəˈmans/

the relationship, actions etc of people who are in love

It was a beautiful romance, but it didn’t last.

a story about such a relationship etc, especially one in which the people, events etc are more exciting etc than in normal life

cerita romantis
She writes romances.

this kind of excitement

She felt her life was lacking in romance.
romantic /-tik/ adjective

(opposite unromantic) (of a story) about people who are in love

a romantic novel.

causing or feeling love, especially the beautiful love described in a romance

perasaan sayang
Her husband is very romantic – he brings her flowers every day
romantic music.

too concerned with love and excitement

perasaan romantis
Her head is full of romantic notions.
romantically adverb

secara romantis
They have denied being romantically involved with each other.
romanticize verb ( (also romanticiseBritish))

to make something more attractive, interesting, or romantic than it is in reality

mengolah sesuatu secara romantik
People have a tendency to romanticize the past and forget how difficult things could be.

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