Übersetzung von “room” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ruːm (in compounds rum, (American) ruːm)/

one part of a house or building, usually used for a particular purpose

This house has six rooms
a dining-room.

the space or area in which a person, thing etc is or could be put etc

The bed takes up a lot of room
There’s no room for you in our car
We’ll move the bookcase to make room for the television.

a need or possibility (for something)

keperluan atau kemungkinan
There is room for improvement in his work.
-roomed suffix

a four-roomed house.
roomful noun

He didn’t feel like facing a roomful of people.
rooms noun plural

a set of rented rooms for living in.

beberapa bilik
roomy adjective (comparative roomier, superlative roomiest)

having plenty of room

banyak ruang
roomy cupboards.
room-mate noun

(British ) a person who shares a room with another person eg in a hostel for students etc.

rakan sebilik
room service noun

a service provided by a hotel, by which guests can arrange to have food and drink brought to their rooms

perkhidmatan bilik
She ordered a sandwich from room service.

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