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verb /skӕn/ (past tense, past participle scanned)

to examine carefully

menjalankan penelitian
He scanned the horizon for any sign of a ship.

to look at quickly but not in detail

membaca sesuatu sepintas lalu
She scanned the newspaper for news of the murder.

to pass radar beams etc over

The area was scanned for signs of enemy aircraft.

to pass an electronic or laser beam over a text or picture in order to store it in the memory of a computer.


to examine and get an image of what is inside a person’s body or an object by using ultra-sound and x-ray

They scanned his luggage at the airport to see if he was carrying drugs.

to fit into a particular rhythm or metre/meter

seimbang suku kata
The second line of that verse doesn’t scan properly.
scanner noun

a machine etc that scans

Scanners are machines that show the contents of your luggage on a screen
an ultrasound scanner
an optical scanner.

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