Übersetzung von “score” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /skoː/

the number of points, goals etc gained in a game, competition etc

jaringan gol
The cricket score is 59 for 3.

(music) a written piece of music showing all the parts for instruments and voices

the score of an opera.

a set or group of twenty

dua puluh
There was barely a score of people there.
scorer noun

a person who scores points, goals etc

penjaring gol
Our team scored two goals – Rooney and Johnson were the scorers.

a person who writes down the score during eg a cricket match.

pencatat markah
scoreboard noun

a usually large board on which the score is shown at a cricket match, a quiz-programme/program etc.

papan markah
an electronic scoreboard.
on that score

for that reason

He’s perfectly healthy, so you don’t need to worry on that score.
scores (of)

very many

terlalu banyak
She received scores of letters about her radio programme.
settle old scores

to get revenge for past wrongs

membalas dendam
I have some old scores to settle with you.

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