Übersetzung von “search” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /səːtʃ/

(often with for) to look for something by careful examination

Have you searched through your pockets thoroughly?
I’ve been searching for that book for weeks.

(of the police etc ) to examine, looking for eg stolen goods

He was taken to the police station, searched and questioned.
searcher noun

searching adjective

trying to find out the truth by careful examination

He gave me a searching look.
searchingly adverb

dengan mencari
search engine noun

(computing) a computer program that helps users to find information on the Internet

enjin carian
When you use a search engine, you type words describing the information you’re interested in into an empty box and wait for the results to appear.
searchlight noun

a strong light with a beam that can be turned in any direction, used eg to see enemy aeroplanes/airplanes in the sky.

lampu cari
search party noun (plural search parties)

a group of people looking for a missing person

kumpulan pencari
When the climbers failed to return, a search party was sent out.
search warrant noun

a warrant giving legal permission to the police to search a house etc.

waran geledah
in search of

searching for

We went in search of a restaurant.

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