Übersetzung von “see” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /siː/ (past tense saw /soː/, past participle seen)

to have the power of sight

After six years of blindness, he found he could see.

to be aware of by means of the eye

I can see her in the garden.

to look at

Did you see that play on television?

to have a picture in the mind

dapat rasakan
I see many difficulties ahead.

to understand

She didn’t see the point of the joke.

to investigate

Leave this here and I’ll see what I can do for you.

to meet

I’ll see you at the usual time.

to accompany

I’ll see you home.
see about phrasal verb

to attend to, or deal with

I’ll see about this tomorrow.
Seeing Eye Dog noun

(trademark ) (American ) a dog that is trained to guide a blind person; guide dog

Anjing Pemandu
seeing that

since; considering that

Seeing that he’s ill, he’s unlikely to come.
see off phrasal verb

to accompany (a person starting on a journey) to the airport, train station etc from which he is to leave

He saw me off at the station.
see out phrasal verb

to last longer than

hidup lebih lama daripada
These old trees will see us all out.
see through phrasal verb

to give support to (a person, plan etc) until the end is reached

menyokong hingga ke akhir
I’d like to see the job through.

not to be deceived by (a person, trick etc)

tidak terpedaya
We soon saw through him and his little plan.
see to phrasal verb

to attend to or deal with

I must see to the baby.
I/we etc will see

I, we etc shall wait and consider the matter later

dah agak
’Can I have a new bicycle?’ ’We’ll see.

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