Übersetzung von “seed” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /siːd/

the (part of) the fruit of a tree, plant etc from which a new plant may be grown

sunflower seeds
grass seed.

the beginning from which anything grows

There was already a seed of doubt in her mind.

(in a sporting competition etc) a seeded player

meletakkan seseorang sebagai pemain pilihan
She’s third seed in the competition.
seeded adjective

having been seeded

diletakkan sebagai pemain pilihan
a seeded player.
seedling /-liŋ/ noun

a young plant just grown from a seed

Don’t walk on the lettuce seedlings!
seedy adjective (comparative seedier, superlative seediest)


buruk; selekeh
a rather seedy hotel.

ill or unhealthy

tidak sihat
He’s feeling a bit seedy.
seediness noun

keadaan yang buruk
seedbed noun

ground prepared for growing seeds.

tapak semaian
go to seed

(of a person) to become careless about one’s clothes and appearance

menjadi selekeh
Don’t let yourself go to seed when you reach middle age!

(of a place) to become rather shabby and uncared for

menjadi buruk selekeh
This part of town has gone to seed recently.

(also run to seed) (of a plant) to produce seeds after flowering.

mengeluarkan biji

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