Übersetzung von “shape” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ʃeip/

the external form or outline of anything

People are all (of) different shapes and sizes
The house is built in the shape of a letter L.

an indistinct form

I saw a large shape in front of me in the darkness.

condition or state

You’re in better physical shape than I am.
shaped adjective

having a certain shape

A rugby ball is egg-shaped.
shapeless adjective

lacking shape

tiada potongan
She was wearing a shapeless, baggy coat.
shapelessness noun

ketiadaan bentuk
shapely adjective

well-formed and having an attractive shape

ada potongan
She has long, shapely legs.
shapeliness noun

ada potongan
the shapeliness of her body.
in any shape (or form)

at all

dalam apa jua bentuk
I don’t accept bribes in any shape or form.
out of shape

not in the proper shape

hilang bentuk asalnya
I sat on my hat and it’s rather out of shape.
take shape

to develop into a definite form

berubah ke keadaan yang sepatutnya
My garden is gradually taking shape.

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