Übersetzung von “show” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /ʃəu/ (past tense showed, past participle showed, shown)

to allow or cause to be seen

Show me your new dress
Please show your membership card when you come to the club
His work is showing signs of improvement.

to be able to be seen

The tear in your dress hardly shows
a faint light showing through the curtains.

to offer or display, or to be offered or displayed, for the public to look at

Which picture is showing at the cinema?
They are showing a new film
His paintings are being shown at the art gallery.

to point out or point to

He showed me the road to take
Show me the man you saw yesterday.

(often with (a)round) to guide or conduct

menunjukkan jalan atau tempat
Please show this lady to the door
They showed him (a)round (the factory).

to demonstrate to

Will you show me how to do it?
He showed me a clever trick.

to prove

That just shows / goes to show how stupid he is.

to give or offer (someone) kindness etc

He showed him no mercy.
showy adjective

giving an impression of value by a bright and striking outward appearance

menjolok mata
His clothes are too showy for my liking.
showiness noun

yang menjolok mata
show business noun

the entertainment industry, especially the branch of the theatre concerned with variety shows, comedy etc.

dunia hiburan
He always wanted a career in show business.
showcase noun

a glass case for displaying objects in a museum, shop etc.

almari perhiasan
showdown noun

an open, decisive quarrel etc ending a period of rivalry etc.

showground noun

an area where displays etc are held.

tempat pameran
show-jumping noun

a competitive sport in which horses and their riders have to jump a series of artificial fences, walls etc

pertandingan lompat kuda
(also adjective) a show-jumping competition.
showman noun (plural showmen)

a person who owns or manages an entertainment, a stall at a fair etc.

pengusaha pertunjukan
showroom noun

a room where objects for sale etc are displayed for people to see

bilik pameran
a car showroom.
give the show away

to make known a secret, trick etc.

membocorkan rahsia
good show!

(British, informal, old-fashioned) that’s good!

on show

being displayed in an exhibition, showroom etc

There are over five hundred paintings on show here.
show off phrasal verb

to show or display for admiration

He showed off his new car by taking it to work.

to try to impress others with one’s possessions, ability etc

She is just showing off – she wants everyone to know how well she speaks French (noun show-off a person who does this).
show up phrasal verb

to make obvious

menampakkan dengan jelas
This light shows up the places where I’ve mended this coat.

to reveal the faults of

Mary was so neat that she really showed me up.

to stand out clearly

tampak jelas
The scratches showed up on the photograph.

to appear or arrive

muncul tiba
I waited for her, but she never showed up.

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