Übersetzung von “signify” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /ˈsiɡnifai/ (past tense, past participle signified)

to be a sign of; to mean

His frown signified disapproval.

to show; to make known by a sign, gesture etc

He signified his approval with a nod.
significance /siɡˈnifikəns/ noun

meaning or importance

makna; maksud
a matter of great significance.
significant /siɡˈnifikənt/ adjective

important; having an important effect

a significant event/development.

having a special meaning; meaningful

a significant look/smile.

considerable; marked

There was no significant change in the patient’s condition
There was a significant drop in the number of road accidents last year.
significantly /siɡˈnifikəntli/ adverb

in a significant manner

penuh bermakna
He patted his pocket significantly.

to an important degree

nyata sekali
Sales levels are significantly lower than last year, which is very disappointing.

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