Übersetzung von “silence” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈsailəns/

(a period of) absence of sound or of speech

A sudden silence followed his remark.

failure to mention, tell something etc

tidak berkata apa-apa
Your silence on this subject is disturbing.
silencer noun

(British ) a piece of equipment fitted to a gun, or in an engine, for making noise less; muffler(American)

alat penyenyap
It is illegal to drive a motorbike without a silencer fitted to the exhaust.
silent /-t/ adjective

free from noise

The house was empty and silent.

not speaking

mendiamkan diri
He was silent on that subject.

not making any noise

This lift is quite silent.
silently adverb

dengan senyap
The audence silently listened to his every word.
in silence

without saying anything

tanpa berkata-kata
The children listened in silence to the story.

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