Übersetzung von “sit” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


verb /sit/ (present participle sitting, past tense, past participle sat /sӕt/)

to (cause to) rest on the buttocks; to (cause to) be seated

He likes sitting on the floor
They sat me in the chair and started asking questions.

to lie or rest; to have a certain position

The parcel is sitting on the table.

(with on) to be an official member of (a board, committee etc)

merupakan ahli
He sat on several committees.

(of birds) to perch

An owl was sitting in the tree by the window.

to undergo (an examination)

Beth sits her geography exam today.

to take up a position, or act as a model, in order to have one’s picture painted or one’s photograph taken

mengambil tempat untuk diambil atau dilukis gambarnya
She is sitting for a portrait/photograph.

(of a committee, parliament etc) to be in session

Parliament sits from now until Christmas.
sitter noun

a person who poses for a portrait etc.

model lukisan

a baby-sitter.

penjaga budak
sitting noun

a period of continuous action, meeting etc

sesi perbincangan dan seumpamanya
I read the whole book at one sitting
The committee were prepared for a lengthy sitting.
sitcom noun

a funny television or radio series about a group of characters who become involved in different situation in each programme/program.

sit-in noun

an occupation of a building etc by protesters

menjadi pemerhati
The students staged a sit-in.
sitting room noun

a room used mainly for sitting in.

ruang rehat
sitting target noun ( sitting duck)

someone or something that is in an obvious position to be attacked

sasaran yang mudah
If they’re reducing staff, he’s a sitting target.
sit-up noun

an exercise for strengthening the stomach muscles in which you lie on your back, raise the top part of the body to a sitting position, and then lie back down again

duduk tegak
Strong stomach muscles gained through sit-ups give good core strength and are essential for all sports.
sit back phrasal verb

to rest and take no part in an activity

He just sat back and let it all happen.
sit down phrasal verb

to (cause to) take a seat, take a sitting position

Let’s sit down over here
He sat the child down on the floor.
sit out phrasal verb

to remain seated during a dance

tidak turut menari
Let’s sit (this one) out.

to remain inactive and wait until the end of

menunggu sehingga tamat
They’ll try to sit out the crisis.
sit tight

to keep the same position or be unwilling to move or act

sabar menunggu
The best thing to do is to sit tight and see if things improve.
sit up phrasal verb

to rise to a sitting position

duduk tegak
Can the patient sit up?

to remain awake, not going to bed

I sat up until 3 a.m. waiting for you!

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