Übersetzung von “skeleton” — Englisch–Malaysisch Wörterbuch


noun /ˈskelitn/

the bony framework of an animal or person

The archaeologists dug up the skeleton of a dinosaur.

any framework or outline

the steel skeleton of a building.
skeletal adjective

relating to the skeleton of a human being or an animal

Low water levels at Lake Eufaula exposed the skeletal remains of two people.

(of a person or a body part) extremely thin so that bones are visible through the skin

the skeletal appearance of victims in the last stages of the disease.

consisting only of basic details or existing only in a basic form

garis kasar
skeletal plans for restructuring the company.
skeleton key noun

a key which can open many different locks

kunci utama
The maids have a skeleton key so that they can get into all the hotel rooms to clean them.

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